Meet Annemieke Nulkes-van Steijn

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Annemieke Nulkes-van Steijn is Executive Assistant at She supports the management, employees and coaches in the broadest sense. She scales every obstacle and uses her calm and perseverance to set up every project to the full satisfaction of client and coach, and to allow it to run smoothly.

She has a lot of experience dealing with different levels of management at various previous employers. They include a large consultancy organization, an investment firm in ICT and solar energy, and an import/export company in fruit and vegetables.

Annemieke is driven, honest, creative and loyal. In addition to her work, she enjoys being with her family and children, use her creative skills, loves being in nature and doing some gardening and reading.


Annemieke Nulkes-van Steijn
Executive Assistant

+31 (0)20 24 02 595