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Dennis van de Rieth is Agile coach, Scrum Master and certified SAFe Program Consultant (SPC) at Dennis has completed a bachelor of policing, the course 'Intervention science' and the course 'Coaching and counseling science'. Dennis has also followed various professional training courses in the field of communication and as an Assistant Public Prosecutor.

Dennis has many years of experience within the National Police and municipalities and mainly specializes in change management and organizational development. He feels most happy when he can deal with the development and changes of people, teams or within an organization. He can provide guidance in this by increasing the 'vital craftsmanship' within the team. As a result, employees take action and take control of their own development. In this way, everyone can add value to the development of the team from their own role.

Dennis's development and change approach pays a lot of attention to people and their craftsmanship. Together it is determined what the goals are that the team wants to achieve; the road to it is a joint journey of discovery with successes and learning experiences. People ultimately make the difference in an organization where it is not only about adding new insights, but also making obstacles visible.

Dennis is genuinely curious, analytical, inquiring, open-minded, creative and innovative. He has great organizational sensitivity and people orientation: not only talking about development or change, but shaping this together from the daily work.

In addition to his work, Dennis is sporty and active as a board member of various associations, he has a great love for cooking and especially the BBQ and enjoys pleasant moments with his family and friends.

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Dennis van de Rieth

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