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Esther van Schaik is Agile coach, certified Professional Scrum Master (PSM II) and SAFe Program Consultant (SPC) at Esther has completed an Agile LEAN team coach training and is certified as such. She is also schooled in Agile Lean, LeSS and Kanban. In her work environment, she works with Jira and Azure DevOps. She also has a bachelor in Hospitality Management with a major in Marketing. 

Esther has a lot of experience in coaching teams towards the Agile way of working, as well as securing the bottom-up Agile mindset. She was closely involved in setting up PI plannings, Community of Practice for Scrum Masters, and portfolio management. Esther’s main roles over the past years have been in coaching and coordinating roles. 

Esther provides trainings via our business partner Gladwell Academy, concerning Scrum and SAFe.

Esther is connective, open, honest, analytical, and result-oriented with a focus on continuous change and improvement. She is able to help teams and departments towards a new way of thinking and working by virtue of her natural sense of group dynamics and patterns. Her creative and flexible, but persistent, mindset also helps a lot.

In addition to her work, Esther enjoys sports. Her favourite sport is skiing. She also loves to cook and sing.

What customers say about Esther van Schaik

Esther's coaching is not only limited to her team, but also to her direct coach colleagues, the team leaders and, her supervisor. Esther coaches in a natural and casual way. The interest in others and giving feedback comes from an intrinsic motivation. With this approach she is able to give coaching a structural place in daily work.'
– Engelbert Soyo, Manager ICT management ABN Amro
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Esther van Schaik

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They don't do what you say, they do what you do.
– freely adapted from Harold S. Genee