Meet Hans Rigtering

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Hans Rigtering is Senior Agile coach, Certified Scrum Master (CSM), SAFe Agilist (SA) and Certified Scrum Product Owner (CSPO I) at Hans has also obtained certifications from WFT, IPMA C, ISMA (International Securities Market Association) and Management Development I & II. Hans has a bachelor's degree in Business Informatics and a master's degree in Knowledge Engineering.

Hans is an Agilist pur sang: he believes that learning is for life. Teams and collaboration are the core concepts for him. He is able to make these teams self-managing and self-organizing in a short time. But in such a way that the Agile philosophy is actually secured throughout the organization.

He uses his background in and knowledge of IT, insurance and banking sector for operational processes as well as separation, transition and migration processes. This expertise is the basis for his mentorship at a number of Amsterdam startups. Hans particularly comes into his own in rapidly changing and dynamic environments. He is infectious in his enthusiasm, result-oriented, analytical, stress resistant, communicative and customer-oriented.

In addition to his work, Hans is very fond of cooking and making music; he plays guitar. He likes to photograph and gets a lot of energy from travelling, other cultures and working with people internationally.


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What customers say about Hans Rigtering

  • Hans is a very professional Agilist with a lot of humor. He understands the art of naming goals with the right tone of voice, motivating people and focusing on results. Everything with respect for people and an awareness of what is needed to create maximum customer value.
    – Frans Rensen, Agile Coach at Shell
  • If you are looking for a very reliable, loyal and decisive project manager who iteratively connects all stakeholders and gets them along to a supported end result. Then you have to call in Hans.
    – Hans Cremer. Lecturer/ Postdoctoral researcher at Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences
  • Hans gives his people a lot of confidence because he is open to good ideas from the team. He lets people work from their strengths.
    – Eric Reumer, Customer Due Diligence Analyst at ABN AMRO MeesPierson
Hans Rigtering

+31 (0)20 24 02 595

Whistling to work and whistling from work!
– Hans Rigtering