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Linda Maasbommel is Agile (team) coach, certified Professional Scrum Master (PSM I), DevOps Fundamentals DASA and SAFe Program Consultant (SPC) at She has a bachelor's degree in Commercial Economics and a master's degree in Social and Cultural Sciences, Culture, Organization and Management. Linda is a certified Coach (STiR & NOBCO) and a certified team coach (ICM). She is also an NLP Technician and has done in-house training courses for Design thinking, Agile Scrum and Lean Start Up. She has completed the NLP Technician training.

Linda has often worked in commercial, IT and organizational environments. She has gained her expertise in various roles in organizational effectiveness and coaching teams and leadership roles. Linda is strongly inspired and driven by Agile principles and values: she believes that people perform better and enjoy their work more when they can continuously develop, organize their own work and do work that is meaningful to them.

With her knowledge and experience in Agile coaching and training, she can provide valuable support to teams and their environment in changing organizations. Linda is customer-driven, result-oriented, enthusiastic, humorous and involved.

In addition to her work, Linda likes to work with interior design, styling and gardening. She is sporty, enjoys other cultures and likes to travel with her family. She prefers to be on the water; supboard, sailboat Linda doesn't care, as long as it floats.


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What customers say about Linda Maasbommel

  • Linda is a very enthusiastic and positive thinking Agile Coach with a lot of actual and relevant knowledge about Scrum and Agile. Linda supported our Service & Contract management squad within ING to become an efficient acting Global squad.
    – Jasper van Wieringen, Business Consultant / IT Service Manager, ING
  • Linda is a great team coach - teams easily connected to her and trust her to help them improve. She is also constantly improving herself, her aptitude for learning is enormous.
    – Bernie Pinnola, Agile Lead, ING
  • Linda did a very good job in making my squads more efficient and effective which resulted in better performance of my squads. She demonstrated to have excellent knowledge of principles and methodologies concerning the Agile Way of Work. Linda is very innovative in helping to become more result driven, she is a very open and social person and always willing to offer her assistance.
    – Eric Greuter Product Owner IT Infrastructure Data & Analytics platform
Linda Maasbommel

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– Albert Einstein