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Marijt Weerts, certified Senior Agile coach, Release Train Engineer (RTE). PST aspirant. She holds a Black Belt in Lean and Certified Scrum Product Owner (CSPO) at our business partner Gladwell Academy and She has more than ten years of experience in implementing Agile and Lean in international complex organizations. Marijt has a bachelor's degree in Business Administration.

Marijt combines a results-oriented mentality with the ability to motivate people to adapt to change. Her creative attitude often results in unexpected results. She coaches and motivates teams to be successful and achieve the best possible result.

She is incredibly passionate about her work and she believes that all frameworks and mindsets are only effective if individuals understand the 'why' behind what they are doing and if they trust their common sense. Marijt is decisive, enterprising, result-oriented, socially skilled and involved.

Marijt provides training in Scrum and SAFe for our business partner Gladwell Academy

In addition to her work, Marijt likes to spend time with her family, travels a lot and likes to immerse herself in her profession by reading a lot of professional literature.

What customers say about Marijt Weerts

  • Marijt has excellent knowledge of team building and processes within teams. Enthusiastic and forbidden, she spreads the different methods of Agile working and helps her transfer her knowledge.
    – Huib van Nieuwenhuijze, Information Analyst and Product Consultant at Magister
  • Marijt is extremely driven and has managed to raise the various Agile teams and working according to Agile/Scrum within the CJIB to a higher level. She is still working on making improvements to the process.
    – Harry Boekhoudt, Platform Manager at TKP Pensioen
  • Marijt is like no other able to achieve results by combining her knowledge of Agile coaching with a spontaneous approach to the people around her. She doesn't shy away from difficult challenges and sticks to her way to make progress at all times. 'Standing still' is not in her dictionary.
    – Jurjan Woltman, Architect at Rentpal
Marijt Weerts

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People are already doing their best, the problems are with the system. Only management can change the system
– Edwards Deming