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Pieter Bas Donkersteeg is Senior Agile team coach, certified Professional Scrum Master (PSM II) and SAFe Program Consultant (SPC) at He has completed training in leadership development and IPMA-D. Pieter Bas has a bachelor's degree in Industrial Engineering and a master's degree in Computer Science.

Pieter Bas's expertise is business administration and computer science, he has gained this experience in various roles in the fields of process and organizational effectiveness. He has also worked as a team-oriented Project Manager and Scrum Master. His passion is coaching on effective behavior of teams and individuals.

Pieter Bas is communicative, enthusiastic, an infectious rethinker, solution and result-oriented, pragmatic and analytical. He is always looking for connection. By emphasizing where there is agreement, he knows how to bring people together. He has a great interest in and knowledge of new technology.

In addition to his work, Pieter Bas loves music: he likes to go to festivals and concerts, plays the guitar and sings. He enjoys cooking, reading and being outdoors.


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What customers say about Pieter Bas Donkersteeg

  • As an Agile coach, Pieter Bas has guided various scrum teams in the Agile transformation from the start to greater maturity. He is distinguished by his great people orientation, pragmatism and flexibility. For him, it is central that it should work for the teams themselves.
    – Ineke Snelders, Team Manager IT Financial settlement, Hybrid, Mendix & Salesforce at ANWB
  • Pieter Bas’ role transcends teams and departments. Flexibility is the key to its success. Pieter Bas has fully adopted the Agile mindset and is able to transfer it well. He knows how to create a safe setting in which everyone can be themselves. For him, it is central that it should work for the teams themselves.
    – Sander Meinema, Head of Technology Transformation at Yoma Bank
Pieter Bas Donkersteeg

+31 (0)20 24 02 595

I prefer to measure along the human scale.
– Pieter Bas Donkersteeg