Meet Wessel van Herwijnen

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Wessel van Herwijnen is Managing Partner and Founder at He is a serial entrepreneur and winner of a - Financial Daily Paper- ‘FD Golden Gazellen’ in his previous businesses. This was awarded to him for developing the fastest growing business in The Netherlands. His former company received multiple nominations of the ‘High Growth’ Award. These are awarded to Dutch companies that, in addition to high revenue growth, also achieved qualitative targets over a period of three years.

In recent years, Wessel has gained a lot of experience in outsourcing the resourcing process (BPO). His drive is to help customers find the best Agile Coaches and Scrum Masters for their Agile (change) program.

Wessel is very ambitions in further growing his startup He uses his drive and enthusiasm to continuously develop his own team with highly professional, certified Agile Coaches and Scrum Masters that are skilled in the various Agile frameworks. This 'captivating and binding', as well as the development of the team in their different roles, is of great importance to him. The 'Why' of is: ‘Journey for Growth’. This applies primarily to the growth and step forward clients experience while maturing the Agile way of working. Of course, it also applies to the development of the coaches themselves.

In addition to his work at, Wessel enjoys spending time with his family and children and is quite the sportsman: running, Rocycle, HIIT and skiing are his favorite sports.


Wessel van Herwijnen
Managing Partner 

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