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Wibke Sandau is Agile coach, Process and Design Thinking Facilitator and  Scrum Master (CSM) at She has a Master in Social and Organizational Psychology and has followed the Design Thinking training at the HPI School of Design Thinking in Potsdam.

Wibke works as an Agile coach and facilitator in both the profit and the non-profit sector. She is passionate about helping, understanding and using Agile methodologies such as Design Thinking, to adopt a mindset of user-centric solutions and iterative thinking and acting. Together with clients, she focuses on developing strategies for implementing a sustainable culture of innovation and implementing Agile work processes in organizations.

In recent years, Wibke has supported product teams in the implementation of Agile as an Agile Coach. She specializes in the field of the New Way of Working, Agile leadership and Agile transformation. In addition, she regularly gives Design Thinking training courses for the Design Thinkers Academy in Amsterdam and facilitates Design Thinking sprints.

In addition to her work, Wibke enjoys running, traveling and painting. She supervises the project 'Growth Garden' for volunteers, project organization and horticulture and can often be found in greenery herself.

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What customers say about Wibke Sandau

  • Wibke has played a critical role in working with the New Segments leadership team on the Vision setting. During the session she kept us sharp and has a nice way to gently push us towards our goal. I want to thank Wibke for the drive, passion and commitment that she brings with her.
    – Merce Willekens Director of Product
  • Wibke has the persuasive power to move whales on land.
    – Particpant Knowmads
  • Wibke demonstrates passion and enthusiasm within her work. This makes it clear that she really cares about what she does. Joyfulness and the ability to laugh. A structured approach to work and a strength for creating some sort of order in the chaos.
    – Olivia Logan, former Agile Coach
Wibke Sandau

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Accept what is, let go of what was and have faith in what will be
– Wibke Sandau