Meetup Sandra Bouckaert // March 23rd // Deep Democracy

During this Meetup, our guest speaker is Sandra Bouckaert, corporate psychodramaturg and anthropologically educated. Started in youth care, she has developed into one of the pioneers and experts in the Netherlands in working with the Deep Democracy methodology. The ideas come from process-oriented psychology.

In this interactive workshop, Sandra discusses how Deep Democracy can be an addition to Agile working: Agile has no answer to the feeling before there is a conflict. Sandra also discusses the power of dissent. After all, contradiction is essential for organizations.

  • Do you want better team communication?
  • Do you want deepening relationships in your Agile team?
  • Do you want a more pleasant working climate within your team?
  • Do you want to know how difficult team issues fuel growth, innovation and development?
  • Do you want to make more use of the organization's potential and thereby increase its effectiveness?


5.30 Walk-in with fresh sandwiches

6:30 - 8:00 Presentation

8.00 - 9.00 Closing with drinks

The host of this evening is Senior Agile coach and partner of, Roel de Ponti.


Sandra Bouckaert was educated in corporate anthropology and started as a psychodramaturg in youth care. From there she has developed into one of the pioneers and experts in the Netherlands in working with the Deep Democracy methodology. Deep Democracy first creates security, then gives space to points of view, emotions, opinions and visions and then ensures that what needs to be said is said. Result: organizations and teams that work with this use their potential more and as a result gain in effectiveness. The ideas come from process-oriented psychology.

As a team coach, process supervisor and trainer, Sandra Brouckaert has many years of experience in guiding teams and providing training in the field of Deep Democracy. She guides leaders in applying it and provides training courses both in-company and on an open registration basis. Sandra always works on collaboration issues. Ineffective decision-making is a constant; decisions are made autocratically, postponed and revoked. Sandra is looking for diversity in teams, inclusiveness is not a buzzword, because as an advocate of inclusive decision-making she likes dissent. They are innovative and we too often overlook them. By applying the Deep Democracy methodology, the team actively works out conflicts.

         "It's an art to look at conflict constructively"

"It takes a mindset where you see clashes and opposing views as fuel for movement and development. Research shows that leaders spend 80% of their time resolving frictions and in many cases fail to do so. I try people experience confrontations as a way to grow and be a little more comfortable with them.”

Sold out!

Date March 23, 2022
Start 5:30 pm
Meetup Sandra Bouckaert
- Deep Democracy
Entrance free
Location van der Valk Hotel Amsterdam Amstel - Joan Muyskenweg 20
Parking paid in all cases

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