28 October // the Agile Coach Conference 2020

Renate Cremer, lead trainer at Gladwell Academy, is chairwoman of the first Agile Coach Conference. Renate: "This conference is being organized because the role of Agile coach is growing as fast as organizations are expanding their Agile ambitions. Both at the individual level, at team level and at management level. By constantly thinking about our work, exchanging practical experience with each other and thus increasingly building a common identity, Agile coaches build on the professionalism and expertise of this profession. If we want to grow as professionals, our stakeholders must recognize our importance. "

- "Agile coaches are everything: internal consultant, personal guru, fire extinguisher at team level, in short, an all-round population that has to be able to do many different things in many different areas."

Renate: "We would like to look further than just team coaching and make the transition to enterprise coaching during the conference. We have invited several inspiring keynotes that talk about issues that many Agile coaches encounter: ‘justifying the Agile coach’; how do you get "the ear" of management? What do you get out of it and how do you measure it? We are going to talk about coaching ethics; after all, it is about people in a company, these people must be empowered and must be heard within an organization. We have an interesting presentation about: "the definition of success"; how do you successfully scale Agile within the organization? We are of course talking about "resistance in leadership", we are going to make the parallel between Champagne and people's attitudes and behavior and much more. "

- "We have an active and diverse program with many different interesting topics and speakers from different industries."

'The target group? We strongly believe in transferring knowledge. We would like to generate this exchange of knowledge and skills from this event; you get to know Agile colleagues in your field. This is very important for the coaches and we know that. The Agile Coach Conference is a platform where colleagues from different organizations can share their knowledge and exchange experiences. "

- "If you are an Agile coach who is interested in sharing stories, gaining new knowledge and insights, networking and developing your skills at company level ... this is the event for you."

"The other important reason for the attraction of this event are the speakers. All speakers are invited both on the basis of their personal expertise and on the basis of their specific context; from leading organizations in a wide range of industries: travel, retail, oil, government organizations, healthcare and more. "

Agile Coach Bootcamp
"In the run-up to the Agile Coach Conference, Agile coaches can broaden their knowledge in more areas during this week. We offer a four-day training courses: "Certified Agile Enterprise Coach Bootcamp" - this training is internationally certified by ICAgile with the ICP-ACC seal of approval -. It will be a wonderful Agile Coach Week with various events and training sessions that you want to be an Agile coach with. "

The Agile Coach Conference is a one-day event full of expert knowledge, case studies, workshops, networking, new ideas and more ... don't miss your chance to be there and participate in the conversation and the latest insights into, Agile coaching.

The Agile Coach Conference 2020, Amsterdam with the following speakers, among others:

• David Binnerts, Global Agile Coach Community Lead - Shell

• Roel de Ponti, Agile Coach - AgilityMasters.com

• Zoran Cikojevic, Enterprise Agile Coach - Albelli

• Jobbeke de Jong, Director - Tachles

• Patrick Leuven, Agile Coach - Ahold

• Sicco Maathuis, Agile Coach / Scrum Master - SuitSupply

• Dirk van Uffelen, Senior Leadership & Talent Development Coach - LeaderFit

• Rogier de Bonth, Trainer, Coach - Kompreno

• Paul van der Haar, Consultant Digital and Agile Transformation - BlinkLane Consulting

• Maaike Klasen, Scrum Master / Coach - Schiphol Group

For the latest news about speakers and program, look here on the Gladwell Academy website.


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Date 28 october 2020
Start 10:00 uur AM
Price EUR 99,- excl. VAT (earlybird ticketprice befor 1 September)
Amsterdam, the Netherlands


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