The XpertsLab incompany offers a platform for and by Agile experts: the XpertsLab. The XpertsLab can be deployed in two different ways: in-company at organizations to introduce their issue, after which our experts focus on solving this quickly and adequately. Total customization. The ExpertsLab is also an accessible platform for colleagues to connect and help each other to solve current issues. The purpose of the XpertsLab is to share knowledge and resolve issues.


At we notice that many organizations are struggling with issues these days. These can be challenges such as: 'how can I as an organization add value with the Agile method while working partly remotely', 'how can I make as much impact as possible at the customer organization?' or 'how do I keep the teams motivated?' can an external vision be desirable and refreshing. The purpose of the XpertsLab is to share knowledge and resolve Agile issues.

How does it work?
The XpertsLab is used in-company for organizations that want to see a problem solved. But also as an open stage with a fixed date for which one can register for and by fellow experts.

Incompany XpertsLab: a platform where questions related to everything involved in Agile transitions are resolved. The in-company model is introduced within an organization that is struggling with an issue. So customization. In this way, our experts use their expertise to solve the issue within a predetermined time.

Open XpertsLab: a few times a year organised platform with a fixed date, where you can submit an issue to fellow experts and where you contribute your own expertise. Cases from customers of can also be brought in, which we, as experts, will bring to a solution together. The experts are the participants, we make the platform together.

XpertsLab powered by
Hosted by Roel de Ponti
Experts by, Gladwell Academy, BlinkLane Consulting and… you!

Roel de Ponti will be our host during this XpertsLab. Roel is partner, a Senior Agile coach at and SPC and RTE. He specializes in coaching Agile teams and guiding teams within change processes. He was keynote speaker and speaker at the Scaling Agile India Conference, Bangalore, India at the end of 2019.


XpertsLab host Roel de Ponti

Interested? Please contact Wessel van Herwijnen for more information. 

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Managing Partner 
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