supports organizations in their transition to Agile working. We use our own Agile Coaches and Scrum Masters and work with different types of coaches at different seniority levels.

This enables us to provide our clients with customized solutions for the transition to implementing, developing or improving the Agile way of working. We strive to ensure that the match between coach and client is long-lasting if needed, but that the organization can operate independently over time. either permanent staff or a group of independent, freelance professionals.


The 'Why' of

Our 'Why' is: 'Journey for Growth'. We believe that Agile working should be seen as a certain mindset, more than just a new - instrumental - way of project management. According to, Agile is about continuous growth, development and learning. This is why we focus strongly on our vision. This is reflected in the growth and development of the clients where our Agile Coaches and Scrum Masters are employed on a project base, as well as that of the coaches themselves. In short, Agile is in our DNA. coaches

Each of our coaches possesses the qualities of a true 'servant leader' and know what it’s like to serve a team, thereby creating value to a process. The Agile Coaches and Scrum Masters form the heart as well as the face of the company. Their development and growth are central to the process of constantly taking our coaches to the next level. In realizing and stimulating this constant growth, we look at personal development opportunities. By working with our business partners Gladwell Academy and BlinkLane Consulting, we are able to offer our coaches the opportunity to follow or give training courses. Our people continue to develop along the lines of our vision: 'Journey for Growth'.


Netwerk.png network

We have a large network of specialized coaches and trainers. This network is further reinforced by our business partners Gladwell Academy and BlinkLane Consulting. This is where our coaches give various Agile and Scrum training programs. Through our own specialist network and that of our partners, we are continuously and fully aware of all developments in the industry, and beyond.

Agile Coaches & Scrum Masters supports companies and organizations on a project basis in their transition to Agile working.
During the implementation, development and improvement of Agile working, our coaches are deployed in the roles of Agile (Team) Coach and Scrum Master, at different seniority levels.
Our large network enables us to find the right coach for every assignment, for a perfect match between project and coach.