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Our clients are looking for specialist knowledge instead of all-rounders.  We recognize this need and respond to it by being highly specialized in offering Agile Coaches and Scrum Masters per client and per project. This is the basis of a sustainable relationship.


Are you experiencing difficulty in finding new assignments while working on your current ones? can help you find new projects that are suited to you. We are always looking for the perfect match between assignment and coach. To find the right coach, we try to develop a close relationship with our candidates and ask them all the right questions.

By working with our business partners Gladwell Academy and BlinkLane Consulting, we can offer our independent coaches the opportunity to share their experiences from previous projects by providing training. Giving trainings, as well as attending them, can be a valuable opportunity to reflect and promote the personal growth that we and our independent coaches value so much.

Types of coaching roles
Within the different types of coaching roles that offers, we have a varied team in terms of seniority. We also differentiate the execution. This means, for example, that a Scrum Master can be dedicated to one team, coach two teams at the same time, or fulfil the role of 'scrum of scrums'.


Thanks to their knowledge and experience, our coaches have a deep understanding of various Agile framework models, such as Kanban, Scrum, SAFe, Spotify and LeSS. attaches great importance to knowledge transfer within our projects. This ensures that the client can, in time,  continue independently and without the need for an external coach.

Rates depend on the knowledge and expertise provided by the freelancer or self-employed coach, and the extent to which he or she matches the client's demands. does not use standard rates or margin agreements. We design tailor-made rates that apply per client, per role, or per project. For more information, please contact Wessel van Herwijnen, managing partner and founder of

The clients of are very diverse and come from various industries, both within The Netherlands and abroad. Their projects often take place in an ICT and business environment, but we are seeing more projects develop in other departments, such as HR or marketing.

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