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In an era where customers are looking for specialists, rather than all-rounders, we're here to take care of their requests. is always seeking enthusiastic professionals who want to be self-employed.

It can be difficult for freelancers to deal with acquisition when they’re busy working on current assignments. This is where steps in. We make sure to connect the right project with the right Agile Coach or Scrum Master while searching for new projects. Because we work within a niche, we can afford it to focus on a perfect match between assignment and coach. While finding the right coach for each assignment, we interact as closely as possible with our Client and our candidates by asking them all the right questions.

As a result of the collaboration between and Gladwell Academy, we can offer our independent coaches the opportunity to share past experiences by giving training courses to their peers. Giving, or attending, a training can serve as a reflective moment and lead to further growth for our freelancers.


Types of coaching roles focuses on providing Agile Coaches, Scrum Masters and Scrum Coaches. 


Within the roles we have a varied team in terms of seniority. For example, we mainly have 'sensei' and 'mom' coaches and in the future we may also employ 'dudes'. Within the same role, the performance is also differentiated in, for example: a Scrum Master who works for 1 team, a Scrum Master who coaches 2 teams at the same time or for example a Scrum Master who performs the role of 'scrum of scrums'. Thanks to their knowledge and experience, the coaches have insight and experience in various Agile models, such as: Kanban, Scrum, SAFe, Spotify and Less.

In the execution of our projects, we attach great importance to knowledge transfer, so that the customer can continue his work independently and without the guidance of an external coach in the course of time.

The rates depend on the knowledge and expertise that the self-employed person contributes and the extent to which this matches the customer demand. therefore does not work with standard rates and margin agreements. Per customer and role, rates are applied per project.


You want to set up and implement the Agile way of working within your organization. The Agile Coaches from have the know-how and experience to make a success of this together with your team(s).

Transition to Agile is underway

You have started the transition to the Agile way of working within your organization. You are looking for guidance to get your teams to get the right Agile mind set and to shape the new way of working. provides Agile (team) coaches who, together with your team (s), make a success of this Agile transition.

Agile fails / is not working as expected

You have implemented the Agile way of working within your organization, but the expected increase in efficiency and productivity does not occur. The coaches of help you to find out why the Agile way of working is not working well yet and guide your team (s) towards a successful Agile process.

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