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Our coaches’ personal growth is of paramount importance

Being a startup, we have the opportunity to do things our way. values personal contact, both during the search for new coaches and in ongoing projects. Personal contact with our coaches also leads to an understanding of their needs for personal development. What are their opportunities for growth? Are there any stumbling blocks and how can we clear these out of the way? By asking such questions, we gain a better understanding of our coaches. This understanding helps us to create a perfect match between assignment and coach.

Our coaches’ personal growth is of paramount importance at

Sharing skills
Learning from others

Coaches can always speak to colleagues about ways to tackle new challenges. We also offer them the opportunity to follow training classes at our partner Gladwell Academy. In fact, they can give training there too. This is a great way to provide our coaches with an opportunity to share acquired skills and learn from other people's experiences.

Ongoing projects

Right now, projects are underway within a large variety of organizations and verticals. Client requests for delivering Scrum Masters and Agile Coaches include:


You want to set up and implement the Agile way of working within your organization. The Agile Coaches from have the know-how and experience to make a success of this together with your team(s).

Transition to Agile is underway

You have started the transition to the Agile way of working within your organization. You are looking for guidance to get your teams to get the right Agile mind set and to shape the new way of working. provides Agile (team) coaches who, together with your team (s), make a success of this Agile transition.

Agile fails / is not working as expected

You have implemented the Agile way of working within your organization, but the expected increase in efficiency and productivity does not occur. The coaches of help you to find out why the Agile way of working is not working well yet and guide your team (s) towards a successful Agile process.

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